I’m a voracious reader again.  After almost ten years of sparse reading, I’ve developed a hunger for books, books, books!  I can’t get enough of them.  I woman-reading-book4 wish to do nothing but luxuriate in written words and drink in ideas from author after author like a thirsting man in a desert.  If there were such a thing as a BA, Bookaholics Anonymous, I would need the therapy.  I’ve been buying up a pile which has been ruthlessly growing fast, and I’m failing utterly in keeping up.  I’d sooner buy novels than help myself to the latest in fashion and cosmetics.  Clothing stores simply bore me now;  but, I could spend the entire day in a bookshop.

I just love to gaze at all those neatly stacked spines on my shelf.  And I love to smell a new book when I flip the first page — a habit I’ve carried since gradeschool.

In two months, it will be the New Year and I must make an iron clad resolve : Stop borrowing or buying novels until my books-to-read pile goes down to at least one-fourth its original number.   But until then, “you can never have too much of a good thing”.  smiley_0021

I guess you know I’m hopeless.

—November 5, 2008—–

7 Responses to “A Bookaholic Reborn…”

  1. i must say you have so neatly arranged your posts..I tried adding a new page to my wordpress blog but it woudnt accept beyond a single post. Even contacted the administrator but in vain!I had to create a new blog for book reviews! If I can contact you through email pls do help me sort out

  2. Johanna Says:

    I found out that you can’t have a lot of posts on one page, like the Home Page. As soon as you hit that publish button, that’s all that one page can have.

    That’s why I created a master page with links to the other pages like this one. This page here is a sub-page to the master. If you notice, as you start a new page, there is this drop down menu under “Page Parent” Option. In this case, I chose “Main Page (no parent)” from the dropdown for my “Random Thoughts” Page.

    Now, for the sub-pages, such as “A Bookaholic Reborn”, “Farewell Michael Crichton”,etc., I chose “Random Thoughts”(which now shows in the Page Parent Option)from the dropdown menu. This will now put all these subpages under the main page.

    But you won’t be able to see the the sub-pages unless you create links to them. So, all my links are found in the main page, “Random Thoughts”, and clicking on them will bring you to the corresponding sub-pages.

    I hope I’m giving you a clear “how-to” here. If not, drop me your email addy on this page so I can write to you. Hope you don’t mind but I would rather not post my address here.

  3. It needs a lot of time and effort i guess to go through this. But since ive started a book review blog i really would want to maintain it ths beautiful. il go through this during weekend and sort it out. my id is – verbivorehere@gmail.com…if im reaally not pestering you id like to ask about the widgets too..which wil kill the space here and mails would be easier! I reaally hope im not being a pain in the wrong place!

  4. Laura Says:

    I really enjoyed this post – How many times have I made the same Resolution?!

  5. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, Laura! Once the book bug bites,you’re down with an incurable vice. 😀

  6. islandhopper Says:

    We’re hopeless addicts, and we love it!

    1. Johanna Says:

      Oh yes and we never go into rehab. 😀

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