I am saddened by the death of one of my favorite techno-thriller writers: Michael Crichton.  He died last Tuesday of cancer.  He was 66.

I’ve always looked forward to his next novel knowing it would always be different from the previous ones.  He wrote on totally unrelated subjects : dinosaurs (Jurassic Park & Lost World), an air disaster investigation (Airframe), time travel (Timeline), global warming (State of Fear), nanotechnology (Prey), etc.  He was never a bore.  Now, I will no longer have that delicious feeling of anticipation for another Crichton tale.

To  know more about this talented author, please see this article in the New York Times.

—November 10, 2008—

One Response to “Farewell, Michael Crichton… You will be sorely missed.”

  1. I was deeply grieved at the news as well. I was introduced to his writings quite recently with his “next”..

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