Cracked CD

You think you’re safe at home, starting up your computer and loading a CD or DVD into the drive.  But uh-uh…. check your disc for chipped edges, cracks or brittleness before loading it into its drive.

A friend of mine happened to load one such CD.  It was even read by the drive for a minute, before suddenly exploding out of it!
The force splintered the disc so that tiny disc shrapnel wounded her leg.  Luckily no bits were embedded in her lower leg, where the CD ROM drive was near at; but the accident still drew blood.  Also, she was very fortunate not to have had her toddler wandering around the computer area, where the tiny bits could have damaged an eye!  So, another caveat : CPU’s with the CD or DVD drives should be positioned near the floor, not on the desktop.  That was one close call!

The cause was traced to a hairline crack in the CD.

So, if the drive is having a hard time reading the disc, please be doubly careful!  And again, please do check every disc before placing it in the drive.  Discard any damaged ones.

For more information about this, please follow these links :

Safe Use of CDs and DVDs in Computer Drives

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Or watch the Myth Busters show you how this happens:

—–  November 15,2008 ——-

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