Lindt Chocolates

Verbivore wants me to play tag, and so do I. Finally, writing to unwind after all those serious novels I was reading. So, here goes:

CHOCOLATE — No better companion for a book than chocolate!! Lovely thin dark squares with 70% cocoa that simply melt in your mouth. Not the milk variety for me, but the strong, bittersweet ones that pack a caffeine punch. Mmmmmm……! Ooooohh…or those positively decadent ones with liquer in them. So heavenly! Darn it, Verbivore, now you’ve got me craving! I’m on a diet!

VEGETARIANISM — Munching my way through a celery stalk right now. Okay, it’s good with garlic dip; but I’m still thinking of my hubby’s Lindt chocolates. Back to rabbit food…what can I say…veggies are good; fiber is good; its slimming power is good…but they just doesn’t go well with chocolate.

I shall starve should I become a true vegan. How can I forsake those wonderful grilled porkchops, at a barbeque or soft juicy steaks, done medium rare? Barf, barf , you vegans may think, but I have a carnivore’s teeth, so I’ll always be one. Strangely enough, my twelve year old son’s diet is vegetables. We’re meat-loving parents, how did this happen?

VISITORS – If they come bearing gifts of chocolate, visitors are most welcome. If not, I’d rather they leave and let me be with my book! Ha, ha! Nah, kidding, as long as I don’t have to cook, I love having people I know, around. So visitors are most welcome around snack time or “merienda” as we call it, where I could simply arrange a nice platter of store-bought nibbles and pour out tall glasses of chilled juice or soda. No sweat, easy laid-back entertainment. Yep, that’s me.

FOOD – Again, as long as I don’t cook, I’d eat anything laid out for me. I’m pretty adventurous with food. For the record, I’ve tried frog in a weird restaurant that served snakes, deer, and God knows what. Why I didn’t go for delectable venison is beyond me now. I certainly won’t be eating frog again. Ugh!

Talking of food, let’s talk about dessert. And for dessert, it’s chocolates again! Wonderful caffeine-filled little confections. Well, they’re food! So are chocolate sundaes, chocolate mousse, and chocolate-topped éclairs. Oh boy, I guess my diet fails tonight. On to forage for “food”. That diet can wait tomorrow.

SLEEP — Above reading, this should be my favorite activity of the day! I love my cold room, my soft pillows, and my toasty comforter. Love, love, love them! Every night, I pray for sweet dreams and I usually get them. And nothing beats snuggling with someone who loves you. There are just some wonderful things money can’t buy.

NEW PEOPLE —- I’m not a social butterfly and new people always make me wary. But, if they start talking books, music, and margaritas, I’ll be their new best friend. Nothing warms me more than a good conversation over a few (hic!) cocktails. Just give me a glass. That’s sure to break the ice.

Now, that I’m tagged, I don’t know whom to tag. The game ends here for now while I search for who I can pass it on to. So I shall leave you now for my chocolates and my good night’s sleep. Nighty-night and sweet dreams!

— Nov. 13, 2008 —-

One Response to “I’ve Been Tagged!”

  1. Thank you so much Johanna for doing the Tag for me. I was on vacation and am just back. Well If at all I visit you – now i know I’ll visit around merienda and make sure i browse through the recent collections. BTW Crichton’s demise came as a shock to me too! true he’ll be missed!

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