KyusiReader posted a fun meme which I’d like to get into as well.

7 things I lve (aside from books):

Freshly Baked Bread — Nothing beats the aroma and texture of a bun straight out from the oven.  Just slather on butter and indulge.  Simply divine.

(Photo from My Recipes)

Soft, fluffy fur — Running my hands through fluff is tactile heaven.  That’s why I love my pomeranian.

My Ipod Classic —  With almost 4,000 tunes from a variety of genres, I need hefty storage.  Plus, I can’t survive gym without this baby.

Presents ! —  Shopping for and receiving as well.  So, you can guess that Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

(Photo from )

Budgies —- They’re cute, lovable,  great companions.   My grandmother had at least one flying around in her room all the time; so, I’ve grown up pretty much around them.

A lovely cold glass of tart margarita —- The salt and slice of lime really make a perfect visual topping to my fave cocktail.

(Photo from According To Nina)

Herbs —- I especially love the smell of basil, mint, and lemongrass.

(Photo from Delish)

Everyone is tagged.  What are your 7 favorite things?  I’d love to see your list. 

Here’s a fun meme from Blooey of Bookmarked! who, in turn, spied it at Coffeespoons.    Using book titles from those you’ve read this year (2009), relate them to these questions.  You can’t  repeat a book title.

If you were a book :

Describe yourself  : I’m a  woman in Full Bloom (Janet Evanovich) .

How do you feel: Like I’ve been Twice Kissed (Lisa Jackson).  Deliciously pleased!

Describe where you currently live: A slow-paced, laid-back place,  truly a World Without End (Ken Follet).

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Fashion Babylon (Imogen-Edward Jones), of course! Where the party is!

Your favorite form of transportation: Maximum Ride (James Patterson)

Your best friend/s : Rachel & Leah :  Women of Genesis (Orson Scott Card).  Really opposites but both are the best!

You and your friends are / were : Having some drinks three nights ago, reminiscing with a toast to say, “Thanks For The Memories” (Cecila Ahern) .

What’s the weather like: Before the Dawn (Nicholas Wade ), it was raining.

You fear : Dying only to face the  Gates Of Fire (Steven Pressfield).

What is the best advice you have to give: Dressed up, dressed down, fat, slim, bad hair day or no…always carry yourself like a Princess (Jean Sasson).

Thought for the day:   “Every Mortal loss is an Immortal Gain. The Ruins (Scott Smith) of Time build Mansions in Eternity.” — William Blake

How I would like to die:  On my feet, dancing and having the time of my life—quite a Danse Macabre (Laurell K. Hamilton)

My soul’s present condition:  Waiting (Frank M. Robinson)… calmly.