Halloooo!!!  I’ve been away from my blog for almost a month—way too long for me and for most of my blog viewers.  I’ve been on vacation and I still am, in modern, stylish Dubai.

In between shishas, sightseeing, partying, and foot-sore but heavenly shopping, I’ve been trying to finish Philippa Gregory’s The Boleyn Inheritance, mainly  for my new blog comrade,Verbivore, who had mentioned waiting for a review on this novel.  But I’ve progressed to only three-fourths of the book so my goal of writing a review before the year ends is hopelessly gone.  So regretfully, no reviews ’til I get home sometime in January.

Just dropped by, however, to greet my blog readers A VERY HAPPY, EXCITING NEW YEAR!!!

Cheers! May 2009 be a year of great literary encounters and for the gifted few,  a crack at that first novel.

The late months of 2008 have been very good for my three-month old blog.  I’ve never expected to get pretty good traffic.  To all of you, thanks a lot! You all make this little hobby quite worthwhile.