I hadn’t realized until yesterday that last October 2nd, I had reached one year of blogging about books!

My 1st Bloggiversary!

I’m glad to note how far this blog has come in terms of readership.  It started out simply as a guilty exercise, a sort of purging by sharing what I’m reading to justify all those books for which I  suddenly had the compulsion to buy.   That and the fact that  I was casting around for a new hobby as well.

After a dearth of reading—I mean sparsely reading—for a number of years, I suddenly had this urge to know all about authors and the stories I’ve missed all this time.  I’ve been catching up since then.  But, I’m having the time of my life doing so!

I’ve discovered some really good authors, know whom to avoid, and actually widened my reading preferences by trying books recommended by other book-loving bloggers.

I’ve also managed to snag author William Napier‘s (Christopher Hart’s) thanks for my positive reviews on his Attila series:  The Gathering of the Storm (Book 2) and The Judgement (Book 3) . Wasn’t I flattered!

Best of all, though, I’ve come to meet other book lovers and know them bit by bit through their blogs, which I believe are as interesting as their personalities.

Writing is a chore (for me, that is).   I hadn’t flexed my pen since the formal theme days in highschool, which was an unmentionably looong time ago.  So for encouraging me to stick to this blog, thank you all very much!   I’m having so much fun!