Author : Ann Patchett
First Released : May 22, 2001 (Hardcover 1st Edition)
Released as Paperback : August 2, 2005
Publisher : Harper Perennial
ISBN-10: 0060838728
ISBN-13: 978-0060838720
Pages : 352

I have always wanted to share this book with all my blog readers.  Ann Patchett writes a moving story with a very lyrical hand.  This is a beautiful piece of literature that I feel you shouldn’t miss.

However, I can’t write a review on a book I’ve read a long time ago, unless I delve into it again.  With my growing library, I don’t think I can for the moment.  So, I’ve found a great review from The World Of Books which more or less mirrors what I think about this novel.  Do check it out!

My Mark : Excellent