Another stumble on a reading challenge that’s right up my alley — Fall Into Reading 2009 is just the right push to get me to clean up what’s On The Shelf this year to feature fresh books for 2010.   I may not be able to read all, but this challenge will force me to get most of it into my head and out of the way.

Fall Into Reading 2009 book challenge is a low- to-no-pressure self competition hosted by Callapidder Days.  The whole point is to have fun while getting some reading done.

The challenge runs from September 22 – December 20 (the Fall Season in North America).

Anyone is free to join anytime.  There are no minimum number of books to read.  The whole goal is just :  read a book and enjoy it!

Sounds good?  Find out more here.

This challenge comes with prizes!  However, this is only for those residing in the U.S. or Canada.  😦 Awww……

No matter, this should help a lot of us lop off some from our towering TBR piles now, wouldn’t it?

For this challenge, I’ll be reading :

1.  The 5th Witch — Graham Masterton  

2.  The Ghost of Flight 401 — John G. Fuller 

3. The Shack —- William P. Young        

4. Exile —-  Richard North Patterson  

5.  Avalon —- Anya Seton 

6.  Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister — Gregory Maguire 

7.  Tongue in Chic ——- Cristina Dodd    

8.  The Historian ——–   Elizabeth Kostkova

Three books also figure in my R.I.P. IV  Reading Challenge.  Who says I can’t hit two birds with one stone?

Alrighty, here I go….

November 12 ….

Finished the last book, Avalon,  in the above list; but it’s too early to deem this challenge done. So far,  this challenge has been quite enjoyable.  I’m glad I’ve achieved my reading goals with lots of time to reach for more. So, I’m adding two more books which have been forever in my TBR pile:

Second Nature —- Alice Hoffman  

The Witch of Cologne — Tobsha Learner