Author : Teresa Medeiros

Release Date : Sept. 26, 2006

After quite a bit of serious novels, I figured I needed a quick, easy read.  I found this book on my shelf and happily, delved into it.

The cheesy title should have forewarned me; but, hey, I wanted a no-brainer.  Well, this was exactly what I got plus a whole lot of wasted time.

What can I say?  The whole book just screamed TACKY!

I laugh at myself because I’m embarassed to admit I read the whole insipid thing!   I’m just not one to leave a book unfinished.  I always hope it’s got a saving grace somewhere.  In this case, I just couldn’t find it.

At times, I found myself cringing at some tacky writing spattered across portions of the book :

“Portia trembled beneath his touch. In that moment she was his kitten, purring and writhing beneath the masterful stroke of his hand…”

“The nimble flick of his tongue transported her to some dark and dangerous Eden where the two of them could feast on forbidden fruit without being banished from the garden.  He was both serpent and angel, temptation and salvation, and she knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until she’d surrendered herself to him, body and soul. “


There may be others, though, who find this cloyingly descriptive style, alluring.  Perhaps, lots, given the large amount of positive reviews for this book. Teresa Medeiros seems to be a well-loved author.   But I honestly cannot see how this novel could be worth anyone’s while.

That being said, I won’t start delving into the merits of plot and characters.  It’s enough to know that they were jejune and boring.

This, being my first book by Teresa Medeiros, and the fact that she seems to have a huge fan base, merit a second look.  I think I shall attempt one or two more books by her before I can truly say, she’s just not my type.  Suggestions, anyone? I may just have picked up a lemon.

My Mark : UGH!